Jesus House Torry. 191 Victoria Road, Aberdeen. AB11 9NE

Real Heroes

Real Heroes is the Children’s ministry of Jesus House Torry. The Children’s ministry aims to equip children, in the ages of 12 months to 15 years, with Godly principles for everyday living in a fun-filled environment. We are the vessels God uses to transform the lives of the children until Christ is formed in them. We join hands with parent to teach children that loving Jesus is fun; thereby developing godly future leaders as we motivate them to recognize God’s purpose for their lives.

The Children ministry of Jesus house Torry is more than just taking care of the children until the adult service is over. It is more than simply occupying the children with activities so they are not noisy. This ministry involves impacting the lives of children for a personal, vital, and growing relationship with Christ. It involves setting them on the path of everlasting life from a tender age. Our foundational scriptures are Gal 4: 19; Prov 22:6 and Matt 19: 14 – But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

We have a vision to see Christ formed in the lives of the Children by helping the children to grow in faith through the knowledge of God’s love and to become like Jesus in every way. Our main goal is to re-enforce Biblical value systems in the lives of children. Realizing that every child needs love, acceptance and recognition, to also make Jesus House Torry Children’s Ministry a place where these feelings can be experienced.

We have numerous events to keep the children happy and ever learning.
For more information on Real Heroes events and projects, please visit REAL HEROES CHILDREN’S CLUB or E-mail us at

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